What is the En Sound Music Awards (ESMA)?
The En Sound Music Awards is an independent Christian music award show that recognizes artists of all genres by presenting them with trophies for their hard work, dedication and contribution to the Christian music community.

Who is eligible to be nominated for an ESMA?
Any artist who has a CD or DVD project released between July 1, 2012 and July 31, 2013. Recording must be of professional sound quality and properly mixed, mastered and packaged with barcode. Artists or labels must be visible meaning but not limited to Online, Newspapers, Radio, Television, The Internet and Magazines etc. It is strongly recommended that the artists help to generate public interest in their projects and before and during the voting process.

What genres of music do you accept?
We accept music in the following genres: Black Gospel, CCM, Pop, Inspirational, Hip Hop, Rhythm & Praise, Jazz, Neo-Soul, Urban, Progressive Urban and more. En Sound reserves the right to reject any submission for whatever reason, so make sure that your submission is lyrically sound and your production is good.

Can international artists submit to the ESMA?
Yes, we strongly suggest that international artists submit as the ESMA is an international Christian music awards event.

Do you accept submission year-round?
Yes, we do accept year-round submissions.

How does one submit projects to be considered for a nomination?
You may upload your music on our website as a zip file or a single file along with the front cover art work (high resolution), or you may mail us a physical copy to the address below:

En Sound Music Awards
PO Box 32507, Newark, NJ 07104.

What Kind of artists are you interested in for your awards show?
We are interested in artists who are very serious about their crafts; artists that will go the extra mile to deliver quality, and artists has the ability to move people. Those artists must also be willing to invest in themselves.

Is there a submission fee?
Yes, there is a submission fee of $150 (US currency Only) for artists not signed to a label, and $250 for record labels making multiple submissions.

How is the fee paid?
You may make the payment by credit card, PayPal or mail us money order to:

En Sound Music Awards
PO Box 32507, Newark, NJ 07104.

Who can vote and how does voting take place?
Anyone over the age of 13 years old can vote. Voting is done exclusively online.

How many categories are there?
The number of categories varies and is dependent on the amount of submissions received.

What happens if there’s a tie in any of the categories?
Should there be a tie in any category, only the President of En Sound Entertainment along with a panel can break that tie using their own discretions.

Do you allow multiple voting?
Yes, we do allow multiple voting, however, we monitor closely for abuse of the voting system.

How are the winners chosen?
The public vote for their favorite artists in each category, the four artists with the most votes from each category enter the final running, then the artists with the top number votes from each category will be awarded at the event.

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