2012 En Sound Music Awards Winners Announced; President Received Honorary Georgia Citizen honor

The En Sound Music Awards performers all brought their A-Game to the stage on Sunday, July 29. This was truly some of the most talented artists that I have ever had on the show, and truthfully, we've always had some of the best indie artists on our shows. The big winner for the night was Delra Harris who won 8 of the 9 categories that we was nominated in; Martin PK from South Africa walked away with Two wins. Radio personality Big brother CJ was recognized with a Special Achievement awards for his years of service to Gospel radio. In addition, Chief Tunde Adetunji, the Cultural Ambassador for the continent of Africa was recognized with the President's Global Impact Award for his effort in bridging the gap that exist between nations, while Delra Harris received the President's Global Impact Awards for Music.

Later on that evening, En Sound's President, Delroy Souden was recognized and received a Honorary Georgia Citizen award from the Secretary of State, Brian P. Kemp. That award was presented by Chief Tunde Adetunji who told the audience that this same honor was presented in the past to President Bill Clinton, Coretta Scott King and Nelson Mandela and others.

2012 Winners
- Best Jazz Performance, "Wherever Jesus Leads Me" - Petula Beckles (NY)
- Best Urban Song, "Look At Me Know" - Delra Harris (GA)
- Best Traditional Gospel Performance, "Making Room" - Angie Cleveland (SC)
- Best Music Video, "If This Were Really Love" - Derrick Pearson & New Covenant (DC)
- Best Urban Artist, female - Deanna Ransom (DE)
- Best Urban Artist, Male - Martin PK (South Africa)
- Best Foreign Artist - Martin PK (South Africa)
- Best Foreign Performance, "Behold" - C Sharp Mokeki (South Africa)
- Best Praise & Worship Song, "God Is Blessing Me" - Damien Damien L Sneed (NY)
- Best Christian Dance Song, "Hope" (Remix) - Delra Harris (GA)
- Best Choral Performance, "Unleash Your Power" - Javon Inman (MD)
- Best Choir or Group, - Provenance Music Group & Friends (NJ)
- Best Reggae Song, "The Almighty", feat. St. Matthew - Rawsrvnt (FL)
- Best Inspirational Song, "Just Do It" - Delra Harris (GA)
- Best Jazz Album, "The Next Chapter" - Courtney Fadlin (JAM)
- Female Vocalist of the Year - Necie B. (LA)
- Male Vocalist of the Year - Delra Harris (GA)
- Song of the Year, "Please Speak To Me" - Delra Harris (GA)
- Album of the Year, "No Authority" - Delra Harris (GA)
- Music Video of the Year, "No Authority" - Delra Harris (GA)
- Artist of the Year - Delra Harris (GA)
- Global Impact Award (Music) - Delra Harris (International recording artist)
- Global Impact Award - Chief Tunde Adetunji (African Cultural Ambassador to the US)
- Special Achievement Award - Big Brother CJ (Radio Personality & Voice-Over Expert)
- Appreciation Award - Derak Green (Graphic Design Specialist)

2010 Winners
- Best Urban Gospel Song, (Hope) - Delra Harris (GA)
- Best Traditional Gospel Album, (Hear My Prayer) - The Showers Family (LA)
- Best Christian Jazz Performance, (I Can Dream) - Chiquita Green (PA)
- Best Urban Artist, Male - Jor'Dan Armstrong (LA)
- Best Urban Artist, Female - Marjane' (CA)
- Best Urban Soul Album, (Reality) - Lisa McGlendon (NC)
- Best International Album, (In His Presence) - Cora Russell (Canada)
- Best Caribbean/Reggae Album, (I Follow The Cross) - Jimmie Lala (Canada)
- Best Caribbean/Reggae Song, (Jump For Jesus) - Jimmie Lala (Canada)
- Best Caribbean Reggae Artist - Hoszia Hinds (Barbados)
- Artist of the Year - Lisa McGlendon (NC)
- Song of the Year, (Rain On Us) - Earnest Pugh (DC)
- Female Vocalist of the Year - Lisa McGlendon (NC)
- Male Vocalist of the Year - Earnest Pugh (DC)
- Album of the Year, (Reality) - Lisa McGlendon (NC)
- Best Music Video, (Keep the Faith) - Delra Harris (GA)
- Hip Hop Artist of the Year - Richie Righteous (NY)
- Hip Hop Song of the Year - Richie Righteous (NY)
- Hip Hop Album of the Year, (R.I.C.H.) - Richie Righteous (NY)

2007 Winners
- Best Inspirational Song, (I'll GO) - Sharrond King
- Best Group, Female - Nu Life (U.K.)
- Best Contemporary Christian Album - Dave Pettigrew (NJ)
- Best Compilation Album - (IN)
- Best Praise & Worship Album - Micah Stampley (TX)
- Best Traditional Gospel Album - The Gospel Incredibles (AL)
- Best Traditional Gospel Performance - Jennifer Evans (NC)
- Best Jazz Album - Lionel Jones (GA)
- Best Urban Soul Album - Javen (CA)
- Best Holy Hip Hop Artist - Pettidee (FL)
- Choir of The Year - Prof. Wilbur Belton & The LADWEC Music Mass Choir (DC)
- Best Caribbean/Reggae Album - Spanna (U.K.)
- Best International Album - Liz McComb (France)
- Best Contemporary Christian Female Vocalist - Christina Paul (India)
- Best Contemporary Christian Male Vocalist - Sean Smith (GA)
- Song of The Year - Micah Stampley (TX)
- Album of The Year - Micah Stampley (TX)
- Female Vocalist Of The Year - Kendall King (VA)
- Male Vocalist The Year - Asaph Womack (NJ)
- Artist of The Year - Niyoki (TN)

2006 Winners
- Album of The Year, (In The Fellowship) - Patrick Lundy & Ministers of Music (DC)
- Artist of The Year - Patrick Lundy & The Ministers of Music (DC)
- Best Urban Soul Album, (Let Go) - Chiquita Green (PA)
- Female Vocalist of the Year - June Rochelle (IN)
- Best Group or duo, Female - Witherspoon (WA)
- Best Group/Duo, Male - Ordained Praise (FL)
- Best Holy Hip Hop Recording, (Crossing The Jordan) - God's Fam (NC)
- Best Jazz Performance (A tie) - (Full Circle) - Chiquita (PA) - (His Eye Is On The Sparrow) - Kevin Turner (IL)
- Male Vocalist of the Year - Ernest Pugh (DC)
- Best Reggae Album, (His Way) - Chevelle Franklin (JAMAICA, WI)
- Choir of The Year - John Tillery & Living Sacrifice (DC)
- Best Inspirational Song, (Healer of Hearts/Written By: Roz Esposito & Steve Gaspar ) - Roz Esposito (NY)
- Song of the Year, (In The fellowship/Written by: Patrick Lundy) - Patrick Lundy & Ministers of Music (DC)
- Traditional Gospel Performance, (No Doubt In My Mind) - Bubba Johnson & The Omega Singers (VA)

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