This is what people have to say about the En Sound Music Awards over the years...

"I just want to take this moment and say your testimony has impacted my life and your humility moves me." - C Sharp (South Africa)

"I say thank you for allowing me the opportunity, to be apart of the En Sound Music Awards. Every performance touched me...to the point that I wanted to cry. Because of your humbleness, Eyes have not seen and ears has not heard what God has in store for you. The ambassador was so on point about what God is getting ready to do....but has already done. Get ready for an amazing year! I count it an honor to have worked with you and your staff, their I do believe God was pleased." - Lady E (Atlanta)

"The En Sound Music Awards was AWESOME!. Special thanks to Delroy Souden, and the En Sound team, for putting such a great event together. Shout outs to all the extremely talented global artists who received awards and were nominated. You are the cream of the crop!" Martin PK - South Africa

To God Almighty be the glory I am so glad and happy for you, because you've achieve the impossible that many of your peers have been searching and striving to achieve throughout their life It is not by power or might it is by the special Grace of Almighty God who has made the Impossible, possible and obstacles to stepping stone. What happen last Sunday is a tip of the iceberg, I can still say by the special grace of the ALMIGHTY GOD THE BEST IS YET TO COME. For you to cross path with me is by Divine intervention and connection. I am humble and honored to be a light to the world, a voice to the voiceless and an enzyme of inspiration and encouragement to the visionaries the dreamers and the realist. Please remain humble and be grateful to God Almighty for he has done wonders in your life, and will continue and always direct your footsteps. My Philosophy of life is simple and I want you to hold it firmly to your heart too "WE BECOME MORE SUCCESSFUL WHEN WE HELP OTHERS TO BE SUCCESSFUL". - Chief Tunde Adetunji, Cultural Ambassador of Africa

"Congratulations to you for a successful awards show. All that we do for Christ is a blessing to others" - Dr. Bobby Jones, "Bobby Jones Gospel", BET Gospel

"This is great stuff, congratulations on a great event!" - Vickie Winans, National Recording Artist

"The En Sound Awards was a breath of fresh air and an extremely well-coordinated and executed event. It was not only great to see independent recording artists celebrated and feted as they were that night; but it was also great to see it done with such sophistication and panache. I'm glad I was there for the inaugural ceremony." - Bil Carpenter, author of "Uncloudy Days: The Gospel Music Encyclopedia."

"Thank you SO much for all of your efforts in the presentation of the first annual En Sound Entertainment Music Awards. It was a wonderful event and you did an EXTRAORDINARY job. I deeply admire you for your kindness, tenacity and generosity of spirit. I know that God will continue His faithfulness to you for your faithfulness to Him and His people." - Bonita V. White, Patrick Lundy & The Ministers of Music, Washington, DC

"I just wanted to send you a quick note to congratulate you on a wonderful event Saturday evening. You should be very proud." - “Hollywood” Steve Gasp├ír, Music Producer, CT

"The ceremony was just great! You did an awesome job. I am so profoundly glad that you followed your dreams in spite of so many obstacles. Thank you and En Sound Entertainment and all your listeners for the honor of receiving the Best Female Vocalist of the year 2006. IF GOD BE FOR YOU, WHO CAN BE AGAINST YOU! He is definitely FOR YOU!" - June Rochelle, National Recording Artist, IN

"The En Sound Awards show was a very anointed event! We had a Holy Ghost good time. I'm so glad we came. Big ups to Delroy!" - Wendy Collins Squirewell, Sable Soul Entertainment, LLC, Nashville, TN

"Congratulation on a job well done! Best Regards" - Richard White, Snellville, GA

"WE ARE SO PROUD OF YOU - CONGRATULATIONS!" - Georgia Woodbine & Juanita Johnson, G&J Consulting, NYC

"I had a very nice time last night at the En Sound Awards. I flew a long ways to be there and I found new friends." - Terri McConnell, OK

"CONGRATULATIONS on your first En Sound Music Awards. The evening was indeed a blessing to "Indie" artists nation-wide. The best is yet to come." - Robert E. Person, Washington, DC

"Saturday was awesome!!! New CDs to collect, they were ALL excellent. Keep up the outstanding work En Sound...TGBTG!" - Marvin of Patrick Lundy & Ministers of Music, Washington, DC

"It’s hard to believe that this was the 1st show, you couldn't tell by being in attendance. Delroy I know you don't like being "the man" but I’m sorry you are indeed. I know only prayers were responsible for this success. I talked to Margaret Allison of the Angelic Singers and she said, "It was fun, exciting and just good, especially for the 1st Award show". Keep it up En Sound and looking for the next one." - Bubba Johnson & The Omega Singers Ashland, VA

"Good for you. You soooo deserve these accolades and much more. I know, first hand, that you are a hard worker and Saturday at the En Sound Music Awards proved it. Knowing all that you went through, I am just ecstatic that things are turning out to your good. God is good. I am so proud of you. Luv ya man!" - Don Corey Washington, Orange, NJ

"Congratulations, the seeds that you have planted are manifesting themselves into mega blessings, above and beyond anything you could have ever imagined. Be encouraged, but also be prepared to handle the magnitude." - Chiquita Green Philadelphia, PA

"I just wanted to send a little note to commend you on the work you're doing for Indie Artist like me and PROVENANCE and all the others you gave a voice the other night. I think the Awards ceremony was a great idea and you did a wonderful job pulling it all together. I enjoyed the ministries very much, some I'd never heard of before and others like The Whitfield Company that I've admired all my life. So, from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!!!! Keep on doin' what you're doin'. My prayers are with you." - Sharlene Nelson, NJ

"I am so proud of you. God has given you a vision and my prayers is that this will only get bigger as the years go by. It was a great evening for the Christian community and everyone had a wonderful time. I pray that God will give you long life and happiness and that you'll continue to use your gift for the kingdom. Blessings and love." - Courtney Fadlin - Saxophonist, JAM

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